Meghan and Harry’s new charity disappoints: Earns under $ 50,000 first year

When Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan left the British Royal Family in January 2020, they also ended up losing their apanage.

So the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to Santa Barbara, California, and founded the American charity Archewell. But it now turns out not to have been the great success.

Tax documents for Archewell’s first year reveal that the Duke and Duchess have only managed to raise less than $ 50,000 in the service of the good cause.

It writes Daily Mail, who has reviewed Harry and Meghan’s tax papers.

In addition, the English media can report that the duke couple of Sussex have spent more money in 2020 on dissolving their former charity than they have raised for the new one.

Attorneys’ fees and other legal costs to close their English charity Sussex Royal amount to more than $ 55,000.

The $ 380,000 deposit was not transferred to the new American charity either, but according to the Daily Mail to Prince Harry’s sustainable travel company.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at New York Awards in November 2021.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at New York Awards in November 2021.

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The less than 330,000 Danish kroner that the new charity Archewell raised in 2020 must be said to be disappointing in relation to the great attention that came with it when the duke couple launched the charity back in April 2020.

The attention was particularly due to the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Archewell marked the beginning of their new life as self-sufficient after their resignation as ‘senior members’ of the British Royal Family.

The charity also includes a business department that disputes the duke’s media productions, such as the giant billion-dollar contract with Netflix, which the couple signed shortly after they left their generous commitments.

According to The Telegraph however, official projects of the charity – aimed at ‘lifting and uniting communities’, as described on the organization’s website – were postponed due to the corona pandemic.

But by 2021, Archewell was seriously launched, so one has to hope that the accounts for last year’s achievements in donating money, strengthening communities and creating representation promise better.

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