Megan Hess, the owner of a funeral home that sold human parts without consent

Megan Hess was the star of a history macabre that has horrified millions in the USA why? Well, she and her mother owned a funeral home, but they committed a heinous crime by dissecting more than 560 corpses without the consent of the families of the deceased to sell them illegally, for which she was arrested by the authorities and has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. jail.

Hess and his mom Shirley Koch (69) they made this to sell it between the years 2010 to 2018 well, in addition to dissecting them, in not a few cases they made good money with the parts of these human remains, an activity that is illegal in the North American country because, contrary to this, in this nation donation is legal.

sunset table was the name of the funeral home, located in the city of montrose, Coloradoand the testimonies collected by the local Prosecutor’s Office assert that they came to charge up to thousand dollars for cremationswhich never took place, because they cut human pieces to sell them using for it falsified forms of alleged donors among which wereUsually arms, legs, even heads through Donor Services, another business based at the mortuary company.

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Sentenced for their crimes

The truth is that many families received the mixed ashes of their loved ones with those of other people. For this reason, in a statement Leonard Carollo, FBI special agent detailed: “These two women took advantage of vulnerable victims who turned to them in a time of pain and sadness”.

And I add: “But instead of offering them guidance, these greedy women betrayed the trust of hundreds of victims and maimed their loved ones”shedding more light on this case that was originally released in Reutersresearch that led to a FBI raid on funeral home in 2018.

The Denver Post collected the statements of Nancy Overhoffone of the affected relatives: “When Megan stole my mother’s heart, she broke mine”while the judge handling the case, Christine Arguellodescribed this case as the “most emotionally draining I have ever experienced”for which he sentenced Immediate prison terms of 20 and 15 years for Megan Hess and Shirly Kochrespectively.

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