Mega is once again increasing its down payment invoices: a situation that could also affect other suppliers

For the third time since August, energy supplier Mega is adjusting its down payment bill. According to Nieuwsblad, 40,000 of its 370,000 customers have received a notice informing them.

The reason given by Mega: “To avoid them having a bad surprise during the annual regularization”. Indeed, the crisis in the energy market is causing a significant increase in the price per kWh of electricity and gas. The supplier is also advancing teleworking, which implies greater consumption of energy, as well as the winter which promises to be “harsher”. For some customers, that means the bill goes up to quadruple.

Mega is defending itself against criticism, however. “Keep in mind that if you consume less than expected, all that you have overpaid will be refunded to you during the annual adjustment and the amount of your deposit will be readjusted according to”, explains the supplier, stressing that “this proposal is above all preventive ”.

This situation could also affect other suppliers, due to the meteoric rise in energy prices since last September.

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