Meeting with Henry, the Brussels resident who could have been King of the Belgians in place of King Philippe: “It’s not a job that interests me …”

Almost thirteen years ago, we met Princess Stéphanie de Windisch-Graetz in her artist’s studio in Saint-Gilles. An exciting meeting with the great-great-granddaughter of Sissi the Empress (Elisabeth of Austria) and King Leopold II. If the Salic law had been repealed in Belgium earlier than in 1991, she would have been the Queen of the Belgians, we wrote at the time. Indeed, the only son of Leopold II, also called Leopold, died at the age of 9 of pneumonia. It was ultimately Prince Albert, the nephew of Leopold II, who ascended the throne upon his death. And not one of his three daughters.

You will be spared a course on the family tree, but Princess Stéphanie died on July 12, 2019 following a heart operation in Brussels. She was going to be 80 years old. King Albert II’s great-grand cousin had two sons. The first, Henry, is 54 years old. He is named after his father: Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell. The second, Alexander (52), changed it to wear that of his mother: Windisch-Graetz.

If the Salic law had not existed at the time of Leopold II, we would therefore have the king today … Henry of Belgium

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: “It’s a job that doesn’t interest me …”

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