Meet Qiaoling Ma, the young Chinese woman who is viral for the parody video about inflation in Argentina

A few days ago a young Chinese woman who lives in Argentina it has become trend in social networks What TikTok for humorously parodying the levels of inflation that this country is experiencing and today, after getting millions of views, finally, we know the history behind this clever girl.

A viral that broke schemes

In the video, shared the past July 16th, we see the young woman in a store at the checkout; In that, a young man of Asian descent approaches who is going to buy a product, the girl tells him that her cost is 250 Argentine pesosthis one touches his pockets, he is going to return with the money.

When he returns, she assures him that he is now 270. The subject, impressed, can only say “What?! The f***ing mother, what happened?to which she only argues: “Sorry, just came up”so he has no choice but to give 20 pesos morebut his surprise was greater when she tells him that now it costs 290.

He adds the missing money and the action is repeated once more, but, this time, neither exchanges words, because the cashier simply reaches out to take the remaining money from the customer.

“Based on a true story, did it happen to you?”says the description of the video that it carries over 10 million views accumulated, while the inserted legend adds: “When the dollar travels by supersonic plane”.

How did you get to Argentina?

Today we know that the protagonist of this and other viral videos in TikTok is named Qiaoling Ma (Eve in TikTok), have 28 yearsis a girl from Zhejiang, Chinawho arrived in Argentina as part of a Spanish classbut felt so comfortable in the South American country that she decided to stay permanently 10 years ago.

What does he do on TikTok?

Therefore, with the emergence of social networksits content, mainly, tries to recreate various situations of daily life, as well as the prejudices with which it has to deal, always with its characteristic touch of humor.

In fact, in some of his videos he is walking with her boyfriend and dogin which someone is heard saying: “China, what are you going to do with that dog? are you going to eat it?”

Likewise, he also gives recommendations to his followers about oriental restaurants to visit, as well as culinary recipes from the distant China.

After becoming a trend, various Argentine media contacted her and told her story: “I started making videos in TikTok two or three months ago and the account does not stop growing. I was surprised by the number of views. Now, some supermarkets are closed on Sundays. They want to go out and enjoy”highlighted The Andes.

Where does the name “Eve” come from?

Note that the nameEve” arises when her first Spanish teacher called her that because she was the “first woman” When I had 18 years: “Before being in this network (TikTok) I started making videos on YouTube about four years ago, talking about the cultural differences between Argentina and China. They were long videos that took me a long time to edit. I got to have 31 thousand followers. When I discovered TikTok I loved it because it is simpler and I can make them in seconds”he highlighted.

TikTok for the Chinese community

Finally, he revealed that he has two accounts in TikTokone in Spanish and one in Chinese: “I introduce good restaurants in Chinese to our community in Argentina. I recommend places to go. After the pandemic, they changed their minds a bit. Before they worked and saved, nothing more. Now they think ‘it’s better to enjoy life because you don’t know what’s going to happen’”sentenced.

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