Meet Fofo Márquez, the millionaire tiktoker who calls himself “the king of Mexico”

Rodolfo Márquez, better known as Fofo Márquez (), caused the rejection of many users of the social networks for showing off through your account TikTok What “hill” the passage of the Matute Remus Bridge, which is located in Guadalajara (Mexico).

In the video that viralizedthe Latin ‘influencer’ appears as co-driver in a luxury car while other cars of the same range accompany him in his controversial initiative. “Well, we’re going to close. I’m going to start dancing, to do tiktoks, started saying.

“The king of Mexico has arrived”

Minutes later, flabby marquez made a comment that sparked outrage from the cyber community: “So they can see again what money can do here in Mexico”.



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Pride of his action, the ‘tiktoker‘ also stated that “You must understand that the king of Mexico has arrived. It’s not arrogance.” “People are very annoying there recording me. Lord do not record me I am a public figure “, he added. Faced with the avalanche of criticism, some of your clips are no longer available: Apparently, they were deleted.

Who is Fofo Marquez?

At just 23 years old, Rodolfo Márquez is the son of one of the richest men in the Aztec country. The content creator achieved ‘fame’ in all corners of the internet for show your extravagant and luxurious lifestyle.

In that sense, the ‘youtuber‘ has been involved in many scandals. In addition to its famous baths in water Voss and champagne Moett, Rodolfo faked his death (August 2020) in a recording uploaded to the channel Sunday.

What does Fofo Márquez’s father do?

According to the site citing a report from Badabunthe dad of he is probably the owner of several gas stations. Then the fortune of the controversial family influencer It would come from his great-grandfather, since it is said that he was a successful shoemaker who over the years built Tenpac, one of the most important industrial footwear companies in Mexico.

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