Mediterranean: Port of Port-Vendres traffic "vitamin" by a new line of citrus fruits from Agadir

This is good news, which energizes all players in the commercial port. As of November 14, a new fruit line departing from Agadir via Port-Vendres and Spain is entering service, transporting thousands of tons of Moroccan citrus fruits. A great seasonal operation, which will make it possible to achieve an exceptional annual tonnage, while limiting environmental impacts.

Enhance the efficiency of the stopover, through flawless organization, demonstrating rigorous management and speed of execution. Assets proclaimed by Catalan port managers, who have won over maritime transport companies (CMA-CGM). This is how the opening of a new freight line has just been confirmed, departing from Agadir via Port-Vendres, the first arrival of the Moroccan ship is announced for Monday, November 14 around 6 am. An operation that is performance in the face of competition, which is accompanied by a substantial increase in traffic, and work for the sixty local dockers and other personnel of the secure enclosure.

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Multiple benefits

In 2021, the port tonnage port would sell was the third record in its history. However, last September the traffic of bananas and exotic fruits alone already weighed 303,704 tonnes, a mass already ahead of forecasts, and that was without counting on the novelty. Indeed, according to forecasts, in 5 months, the links with Morocco should increase the turnover of the commercial port by 5 to 7%. Especially since the citrus fruits are not stored on site, the 45-foot containers (specific dimensions), under customs, are placed directly on the trucks via the Saint-Charles market. And that’s not all, according to a report from charterers: “this marocco shuttle, a weekly service, reduces CO2 emissions by 75%, compared to the road, between Agadir and the Saint-Charles market in Perpignan”. A greener operation, which will significantly reduce road transport, for example the arrival of a container ship means roughly 100 trucks less at the border!

The know-how of the dockers, the attractiveness of the Catalan commercial port are assets for shipping companies.

Another significant advantage for this line, the guaranteed return freight, since after having unloaded the citrus fruits, following three and a half days of transit-time (time of the container spent on the ship between Agadir and Port-Vendres), the connection will continue to Barcelona, ​​Algeciras, Tangier and Casablanca. The ambition for the managers is of course the sustainability of this line, the difficulty being to find an alternative to citrus fruits, the report which will be drawn up next spring will be crucial.

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Everyone knows exactly where to drop off their load

As for the transport of bananas, the Catalan port remains the French leader. A source of pride for those responsible, including Cyril Hervieux, the port director (CCI): “Our strength is that here the boats are expected to unload them, and not the other way around! It is very important to get into action as soon as the ship is at the quay. The dockers then engage the dynamic with their forklift, with extreme precision. Everyone knows exactly where to put their load in one of the 17 fridges offering 18,000 m2 of storage. This management, in all its technicality, demonstrates everyone’s motivation, and the challenge for the 400 families which, directly or indirectly, are economically linked to port trade”.

Cyril Hervieux, port director (CCI) confirms the exceptional tonnage recorded this year, beyond forecasts.

Cyril Hervieux, port director (CCI) confirms the exceptional tonnage recorded this year, beyond forecasts.

Satisfaction also for Laurent Gauze, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pyrénées-Orientales : “this new line is economically very favourable, and there will be others! Logistics, port technology, the advantage of disembarking nearby are undeniable advantages, which confirm the need for the third quay to develop and generalize the maritime transport, particularly in fruit and vegetables. Assets that also respect history”.

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