Medina reveals details from upcoming documentaries: Going into trauma and PTSD therapy

A new documentary about Medina will premiere in May.

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The film has been several years in the making and will give viewers an insight into some of the things the 38-year-old pop star struggles with after over ten years as one of the country’s most exposed personalities.

Medina is a guest in the latest episode of the podcast ‘Without filter’, and here the two hosts ask Hav & Kamal, known from the P3 program ‘In the back seat’ to the film.

Among other things, they would like to hear if it has not been hard to be as overwhelmed as she is.

‘There are many aspects to it. There are a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. In the film coming out in May, one gets a very clear insight into all the therapy that I go into because of it. Everything from trauma and PTSD therapy due to the media and stalkers, “says Medina.

She emphasizes that she also experiences a lot of amazing things, but life as a pop star does not come without cost, she adds and says that before the podcast interview she had recorded a clip for the documentary, where she reflects on her son’s future.

“I do not want him to become a musician. In fact, I do not even want my worst enemy to go through some of the things I have been through, “says Medina, who has previously released the song ‘Sagittarius’ about more or less feeling at war with the whole world.

Medina, who recently released the single ‘Just Afraid’, which deals with her relationship with her little sister, who has struggled with a mental illness most of her life, hopes with her upcoming documentary to be able to focus on mental challenges.


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Her point in the podcast interview is that all people struggle with something, and we need to learn to be better at managing that.

Medina, who is on tour with the Danish entertainment orchestra in December, ends her talk in ‘Uden filter’ by saying that she should actually continue to be on maternity leave right now.

Her son Tyler Rose, whom she has with her husband Malo Chapsal, has turned nine months old and he still keeps her awake at night so much that she almost feels like she has not slept for a year, she ends the interview with a laughs.

Medina has previously released the documentary ‘Forever’ back in 2011.

The upcoming Medina film, which has not yet been given an official title, is made by director Kaspar Astrup Schröder, who has previously made a film about the world-famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

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