Media reveals: Paris Hilton’s new husband has a secret child

Last week, Paris Hilton was pleased to announce that she has married her better half, businessman Carter Reum.

This week, however, it’s completely different headlines that fill the American gossip country.

This is because Page Six has come into possession of a court document that allegedly proves that the billionaire heir’s new husband has a child who has so far been kept hidden from the public.

According to the American media, the child is a nine-year-old girl whom Carter Reum is said to have only met once.

The mother of the girl is reality star Laura Bellizzi, who has previously briefly dated actress Mel Gibson.

Laura Bellizzi did not want to comment on the story, but a spokeswoman for Carter Reum confirms to Page Six that he has a child.

“The people for whom this story matters have known about it for almost ten years,” the spokesman said.

»Carter supports the child financially. Although he does not have a traditional father-daughter relationship with her, he has taken care of her since she was born, and he will continue to do so. “

According to the American media, Carter Reum last year signed a document in which he stated that he is the father of the child.

He did so despite the fact that no DNA test or the like had allegedly been taken.

40-year-old Paris Hilton and Carter Reum, who is also 40 years old, were married on November 11 for a wedding that should have cost them about $ 60 million ($ 383 million).

There is also no indication that the newlyweds are short of money.

While Paris Hilton, as you know, is the heir to the crash-rich Hilton business, Carter Reum himself is a successful businessman.

According to Page Six, he has a fortune of about $ 40 million ($ 262 million).

Money earned mainly as a result of his and his big brother’s investments in the security company Ring, the shoe brand Rothy’s and the image sharing service Snapchat.

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