Media Markt voucher: Register for the newsletter free of charge and receive a 10 euro coupon for free

With a few simple clicks you can secure an additional 10 euros discount when shopping online at Media Markt. You can read here how this works and what you have to pay attention to.

If you like to hunt for bargains in the technology sector and don’t want to miss any discount campaigns, offers or specials, the Media Markt newsletter will always keep you up to date. You can also secure a 10 euro coupon with your new registration. The technology dealer attracts visitors with this offer almost all year round, but now and then it is temporarily suspended. As soon as you discover the following banner under the link to the Media Markt newsletter registration, the offer is definitely active:

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Media Markt newsletter: registration and redeem code

In a nutshell, you have to proceed as follows to register for the first time with the newsletter and then redeem the voucher:

  • Fill out the registration form on the Media Markt newsletter registration page: select your salutation, enter your first and last name and email address.
  • Observe the data protection guidelines under “Consent”.
  • If you agree, you can click on the black “Send” button at the bottom right.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that you have to validate using the corresponding link in your mailbox.
  • Once the confirmation is complete, you will receive your voucher code worth 10 euros by email.
  • When you shop online, you can enter the code under “Add promotion code” and it will be offset.

You have to pay attention to that

  • You are only entitled to the voucher at First registration for the newsletter.
  • You can only redeem the voucher online (but it is possible to collect it in the market) for a goods value of 100 euros or more.
  • The coupon expires after two weeks (from newsletter registration).
  • The voucher can also be used on goods that have already been reduced.

All information and the best (early) deals for the shopping event of the year can be found in our Black Friday article.

Problems with the Media Markt coupon: causes and solutions

Difficulties can arise due to various causes, so we present some suggested solutions.

You did not receive a Media Markt voucher

  • Typing error? You may have typed your email address incorrectly when you signed up for the newsletter. In this case there was no confirmation request either. A second attempt with the correct email address can help.
  • Waiting time: Ideally, the coupon will reach you within a few minutes. However, depending on the number of registrations, a few hours can pass.
  • Wrong folder: If you have waited patiently and can’t find an email in your inbox even after hours, you should also take a look at the spam folder.
  • No new registration: If you have already subscribed to the newsletter in the past or currently, no coupon will be issued. Since the voucher is not tied to your account, you can ask a family member or friend to use their email address to register for the first time with the newsletter.

The code doesn’t work

  • The minimum order value of 100 euros has not yet been reached: Check your shopping cart, if you have not yet reached the 100 euros, even small, everyday products can help. Help yourself from the wide range, maybe coffee filters, batteries or adhesive tape will bring you to your destination.
  • The voucher has expired: keep an eye on the day of your newsletter registration. As a rule, the code can be used for two weeks, but only 48 hours for individual campaigns!
  • Individual products can be excluded from the redemption of vouchers. You can find more information about this in the small print on the product page.

Many customers face problems with exchanges and returns, especially when it comes to used technology. The following video can help:

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