Measuring blood pressure with your smartphone is now possible has just announced that its application now allows you to measure blood pressure without armbands or other sensors. Thanks to an artificial intelligence that analyzes your image, a simple smartphone or a computer equipped with a camera is enough.

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A simple camera would suffice to monitor the state of his heart. It is announcement, a company specializing in artificial intelligence and health. The firm added the measurement of pression arterial to his application that works on smartphone or computer.

The system uses photoplethysmography (PPG), i.e. it measures the light reflected by the skin to assess variations in volumes blood. Thanks to the’deep learning, artificial intelligence analyzes the images from the camera and manages to determine the blood pressure, as well as cardiac frequency, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and many more. One minute is enough to get the measurements.

An extensive study scheduled for February


Such an advance could greatly help in the follow-up of patients with the generalization of the telemedecine. However, the system has no medical clearance and should be considered a wellness feature. Also, the internal validation studies were performed on 264 people only, and the data has not been published. Also, this approach does not use any calibration.

According to The Verge, the firm intends to launch a new, more extensive study in February to obtain authorization from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA. However, the application will not be directly available to the general public. offers an SDK so that other companies can add these functions into their own application. The firm is currently working with two manufacturers oflaptop and a manufacturer of smartphones to integrate the system into their devices.

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