Me Time: Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall in the trailer for the Netflix comedy

The trailer for the wild Netflix comedy Me Time shows the peaceful Kevin Hart dragged into the madness of his friend Mark Wahlberg, the film will be available in streaming starting on August 26.

Netflix revealed the trailer from Me Timewild comedy that sees performers Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg And Regina Hall. Hart plays a father tasked with taking care of his children while his wife works as an architect. When his oldest friend asks him to attend her 44th birthday, Regina Hall’s character pushes her husband to have fun for once. With the blessing of his family, the mild-mannered teacher lets himself go, but soon finds himself caught up in the follies of partyman Mark Wahlberg. Hart ends up being attacked by a mountain lion, forced to jump off a cliff in a squirrel costume and risk having his finger cut off, all in a truly insane trailer.

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Here’s how Netflix describes the comedy Me Time: “When a stay-at-home dad gets some free time for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away, he reconnects with his former best friend for a wild weekend. which, however, risks upsetting his life.

Me Time, starring Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall, will be available on Netflix starting August 26. The film, written and directed by John Hamburg, also stars Regina Hall, Luis Gerardo Mandez, Jimmy O. Yang, John Amos, Anna Maria Horsford, Andrew Santino, Deborah S. Craig, Naomi Ekperigin, Drew Droege, Ilia Isorels Paulino , Tahj Mowry, Carlo Rota, Che Tafari and Amentii Sledge.

Me Time poster

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