"Me, I’m completely lost"Anggun, who would not return to the jury of "Mask Singer"more cash than ever!

The third season of Mask Singer, on TF1, ends this Friday evening, with the final which will oppose the banana, the deer and the butterfly. On the jury, it is always the same investigators who are on the job, namely Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry. But not for long…

If the schedule fits…”

While the game presented by Camille Combal has already been announced for a 4th season on the first channel, the jury will probably have to do without a historic member in 2023. Guest on the show “We redo the TV” on RTLwhich will be broadcast this Saturday, May 14, and whose Tele-Leisure got an excerpt, Anggun confided.

She admits to not being sure of being able to re-enlist, even if she “adore“the program. And if she wants to make an effort and move forward”If the schedule fits, yes, why not” she assures that to turn in Mask Singer “This requires mobilization on our part, and in normal times, I am not there for so long in France”.

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At the turn of this interview, Anggun also takes the opportunity to silence the rumors of special effects that swell around the game. To those who accuse her of making false predictions, she explains “it’s a TV show, so we have to keep a certain suspense. It’s not funny when everyone is jumping on a name.”

“I’m really on the street”

And to admit his own limits, in the riddles: “Me, I am really lost. Apart from the singers and singers because I know their voices, the others, I do not recognize them (…) I’m really on the street”.


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