Me and Lulù, the review: Channing Tatum in an imperfect road movie but with a lot of heart

Our review of Io e Lulu, Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin’s directorial debut that tells of a journey that will change the lives of a dog and its companion.

Me and Lulu: Channing Tatum in a scene from the film

Dog lovers stop by and read this review by Me and Lulu because this film is especially for you. The directorial debut of Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin, the film brings to the cinema from May 12 a story made of rebirth and acceptance of pain, a road movie that will star Tatum himself in the company of a not at all simple and cuddly dog ​​named Lulu. Distributed in Italy by Notorius Pictures, Me and Lulu (original title Dog) is loosely based on the 2017 documentary War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend and tells, albeit with a certain lightness, the difficult fate of dogs (and humans) who return from battlefields with more wounds than those. that appear on their body, finding themselves in a new everyday life in which they are unable to fit in and carrying the weight of the traumas they have suffered.

A difficult relationship of friendship in the plot

Me And Lulu 4

Lulu and I: Channing Tatum in a photo from the film

This film is a difficult story of friendship: Briggs is a former soldier discharged after sustaining injuries in combat and who appears to be suffering from PTSD. His health problems certainly weaken him, but all he wants is to get back into action right where he feels most useful, on the battlefield, on a mission to the most problematic places on the planet. Fed up with the life he instead finds himself leading, he seems to have an opportunity as long as he manages to complete a simple yet bizarre mission: to escort Lulu, an army dog, to his master’s funeral. What seems like a recent task turns out to be a complicated mission: Lulù is a very problematic dog, little prone to scratching and deeply traumatized by the days spent in war and the loss of her life partner and at the beginning for Briggs it will be difficult even to get close to her without being attacked. Accompanied by these not very reassuring premises, the two will begin a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway, an experience that will go far beyond the simple journey but which will be a means of a deep and difficult catharsis for both.

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A film for everyone

Me And Lulu 7

Me and Lulu: Channing Tatum in a sequence from the film

They even reassure us on the poster with a nice “… don’t worry, the dog does not die!”, Because in the end Me and Lulu is nothing more than a family film, a comedy in which feelings are put first in a journey designed to entertain the viewer, but also to make them reflect. The themes proposed are not always adequately explored, indeed at times one could almost say they are treated with a certain superficiality, yielding to a series of stereotypes which, however, do not come to be too annoying. To express an opinion on this film, in fact, you must first of all think about who it is intended for and what its intent is: If on the one hand the film wants to provoke a reflection on the condition of veterans and on the strength it takes to overcome their own trauma, on the other hand it is clear the intention to embody a product intended for entertainment that must be usable even by the smallest spectators who can watch the film with their parents. So expect to laugh at situations that are as bizarre as they are likely for dog owners.

An imperfect film but with a lot of heart

Me And Lulu 2

Me and Lulu: Channing Tatum in a moment of the film

The bond that is created with these animals can be of an extraordinary strength and this is also what Lulù and I undertake to tell: the deep relationship that is born between a dog and its human life partner, a relationship made of everyday life, knowledge mutual and shared adventures. We challenge anyone with a dog to remain numb in front of several of the scenes that this film proposes with a bit of cunning, because, as stated in the first lines of this review, the film seems built specifically for those who know what it means to take care of. a dog by learning to know its every look. Net of the imperfections, which there are and in several points perhaps reveal the lack of experience of the directors, we can however affirm that Io e Lulù is a funny and full of good feelings film made to spend ninety minutes lightly with a story that it will warm the heart.


To summarize our review of Lulu and I, we can say that Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin’s directorial debut ultimately does what it has to do: entertains and entertains the viewer with a story of rebirth and friendship capable of warming the heart, especially that of animal lovers. Although in some parts it sins of a certain superficiality in telling some issues, it is perfect for a family viewing as it is also suitable for children.

Because we like it

  • The story, simple but effective.
  • The road trip narrative device.
  • Some situations that many dog ​​owners can recognize themselves in.

What’s wrong

  • The superficiality with which some issues are treated.

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