MCU, Gabriel Luna wants Ghost Rider back: "There is still so much to say"

Actor Gabriel Luna believes there’s still plenty of room for Ghost Rider in the MCU, and he’d love to return to play him.

Early Marvel Cinematic Universe a series was a bridge between the films, and in this series also appeared one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel catalog, Ghost Riderinterpreted by Gabriel Luna. And now, between Multiverse and great returns, the actor is convinced that there are all the premises for this to reappear.

The series in question was Agents of SHIELD, of course, a show created by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen for ABC, which was home to it for seven seasons (making it the longest-running Marvel Television series in the MCU before the advent of Disney+).

In the beginning more connected with the story and the facts narrated in the films, then gradually deviated to tell their own stories almost without taking into account issues of continuity with the big screen, Agents of SHIELD had more merits than are usually attributed to it, and one of these is undoubtedly having introduced a beloved character like Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) in the MCU.

Character who, according to many, including his interpreter Gabriel Luna, should return.
You know, I think the way we broke up… I would think there’s definitely a lot more left to say” Luna told Comicbook microphones “I loved the audience reactions. Everyone loved Robbie and the character“.

But if you stick to those ten episodes and nothing more, I’ll still be completely satisfied with what we’ve done. We were able to bring awareness to that character, to show people a Latino hero with Mexican roots, a first on TV, I think. I know it’s something that is said a lot, but I think people easily forget that it was 2016 when we introduced Robbie.” continues the actor “He’s a wonderful character, and I love him. I would be absolutely happy if I could continue [a interpretarlo]“.

Ghost Rider: Hulu announces the cancellation of the announced Marvel series

Previously a return of the character had actually been planned with a TV series dedicated only to Ghost Rider produced by Hulu, then subsequently canceled before it entered the filming phase again. With the Multiverse in place, and after seeing how much enthusiasm the reappearance on the screen of characters such as Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Daredevil and Kingpin has generated, it will perhaps really be possible to see Ghost Rider in the MCU again, perhaps played by Gabriel Moon?

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