MCU competition from Netflix: A whole “Power Rangers” universe is coming

The “Power Rangers” franchise is to be repositioned as a cohesive film and series universe and come to Netflix.

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It should be clear to every film and series fan that cinematic universes have been heavily in fashion since the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at the latest. Netflix in particular is trying to expand its series universes, such as the fantasy series “The Witcher” and, most recently, the “League of Legends” series “Arcane”. Now the streaming service has „Power Rangers“ secured another well-known brand.

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The “Power Rangers” brand no longer belongs to Paramount, but to Studio Entertainment One, which in turn belongs to the toy manufacturer Hasbro. Michael Lombardo, President of Global Television at Hasbro, revealed in an interview with Deadline what “Power Rangers” fans can expect. It was already known that a new reboot film under the direction of Jonathan Entwistle (“I Am Not Okay With This”) should come:

“Since we ‘Power Rangers’ with Jonathan [Entwistle] we actually proposed a holistic approach. It’s not just a series, it’s series followed by films, shows for children. We have found a great authoring partner for him, let’s go. Keep your fingers crossed, Netflix is ​​excited, we are excited, we hope that we will have news soon. “

Entwistle will also take over the creative leadership for the entire Cinematic Universe. This should tell a coherent story across several films and series. If you don’t know what to watch next on Netflix, our video might help:

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Even more cinematic universes are to come

Jonathan Entwistle himself said in a statement (via ScreenRant) that he would like to keep the analog spirit of the Japanese original series “Super Sentai” from 1993 and thus tell new stories. The Power Rangers are a group of teenagers who use superpowers to protect the world against extraterrestrial dangers.

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In addition to “Power Rangers”, other Hasbro brands will also find their way into the world of films and series. The popular games “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Magic: The Gathering” are also implemented as series, the latter also on Netflix. Since “Dungeons & Dragons” encompasses a huge universe, several titles should appear accordingly. There are also adaptations of the board games “Risk”, “Monopoly” and “Clue”. The “Risk” series comes from “House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon, who is probably working on other projects for Hasbro. So the toy maker will keep us entertained with a ton of films and series over the next few years.

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