McCourt out, OM supporters revolt

Anger is brewing among OM supporters after information published in La Provence on Sunday about Frank McCourt’s intentions.

In its Sunday edition, La Provence provided some rather disturbing information about Frank McCourt’s intentions at Olympique de Marseille. And for good reason, according to the regional daily, the American owner of OM no longer intends to give back and wants Pablo Longoria to self-finance the transfer window of the Marseille club with sales. In this sense, departures from Duje Caleta-Car or Bamba Dieng are more than likely. Beyond the potential departures, Marseille supporters regret Frank McCourt’s lack of ambition, even though the American recently refused offers to buy OM from very rich investors, much more than him according to the latest rumours. Something to strain the nerves of OM supporters, who placed the hashtag #McCourtOut in the top tweet.

OM supporters call for McCourt’s departure

The vast majority of Olympique de Marseille supporters are calling for the departure of Frank McCourt, although some are aware that the Olympian club could have worse with Gérard Lopez at its head, for example. “Put that on top. OM is us #McCourtOUT”, “Today and more than ever: #McCourtOUT. Yes, he put in the money. But this money was very badly invested because he appointed incompetent people at the head of the club. He no longer wants to invest to make us a great European. It is then time for him to go”, “Big “OM IS BACK” and refuse to put his hand in his pocket during the dirty impostor transfer window, get out of my club quickly” or “I have always supported OM in the best and in the worst times, but we must not hide our faces, we have not won any titles for 10 years and we have become an “average” club and that has to change! #McCourtOUT » can we read on Twitter, where the supporters of Olympique de Marseille are more favorable than ever to the departure of Frank McCourt. Still, for now, the American businessman has no intention of selling his club. Marseille supporters will therefore have to accept the current situation for a while longer, hoping that Pablo Longoria will (still) work miracles.

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