MC Mirella responds to criticism for having lost weight: "After everything that happened, I lost 5 pounds"

The funkeira and ex-A Fazenda MC Mirella rebutted a comment she received on her Instagram that criticized her for being too thin. Mirella then explained that she actually lost weight because of the period she recently spent due to her divorce from the funk singer. Dynho Alves, with whom he had a relationship for about 4 years.

“She is getting thin”, commented a follower of the funkeira in a video where she appears dancing. “So, my love, after everything that happened in the last few months, I got really thin, I lost 5 kilos and I’m having trouble gaining weight again”, replied the former A Fazenda.

In November 2021, the funkeira decided to separate after the approach of her ex with the influencer Sthe Matos during the confinement of the reality show “The Farm 13“. “Give me peace, in the name of Jesus. I have no more patience, I work like a slut, like a slut. I don’t like to play the victim, no. But, in this story, I’m the one who is harmed. Please give me some time, have a little sense and consideration for my moment and for everything I’m going through,” Mirella said at the time.

Since the separation, the artist and influencer has been enjoying her new single life, reaching a lot of success in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. While dancing at the club, a guy who was also in the place started to make a “rain of money” on her.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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