MC Loma reveals she won’t show her daughter’s face: "wished her death"

Through her Instagram, the singer MC Loma, who is pregnant, vented when she was asked by a fan through a question box. Loma was asked if she will show her daughter’s face, Melanie. The influencer and singer says no, as she receives many hateful messages daily through her social networks.

“I won’t show Melanie, I’m sure. I don’t know, when she’s a few months or years old. But I won’t show her. I’m very humiliated here on my Instagram, as incredible as it sounds. I get about fifty messages a day from people asking me to kill myself, wishing for my death. Calling me ugly, humiliating me, calling me a *****. Calling me everything that is a name. I don’t know why I deserve this. It’s not now that I get so much criticism . Since I started on the internet, I receive this. Sometimes I don’t even want to appear here because of it, I have this trauma. I don’t want my daughter to go through this, I don’t want to expose a baby, which is such a pure and innocent here, for people to humiliate. For her to receive so much free hate on the internet and when she grows up she will hate me. I don’t want to fail as a mother, I don’t want to take this trauma to my daughter.

The singer also reveals that even the baby, who has not yet been born, has received hateful messages from netizens: “I don’t want them to humiliate her, to talk about her. I don’t want that. keep seeing messages from people saying: ‘What an ugly girl’, humiliating a baby. Is she innocent, doesn’t she know anything, will she grow up exposed on the internet suffering? I’m very afraid. Here I already received a message, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, from people wishing on Melanie’s death. Do you have any idea what this is? People wishing on a baby’s death. I won’t show her because of that.” She added in the caption: “I was so afraid of losing her because of these messages.”

Finally, Loma confesses that she understands that many of her fans are rooting for her and Melania, but because of fear, she chose not to show her daughter. “I don’t expect you to understand me, I hope you respect me. That’s my opinion. You can judge me, but that’s my opinion. I don’t want to expose my daughter. I feel bad, I know there are many people who like to me, who have been with me since the beginning and are anxious to see Melanie. It’s because of mean people on the internet that I get this fear, this fear of talking about my daughter. It’s going to be my weak point. I don’t want her to go through that, that she has self-esteem problems, that she is afraid of being her”, he concluded, in tears.

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