MC Kevin: Deolane Bezerra comments the conclusion of the funkeiro survey. check out

The police completed the death inquiry by MC Kevin on Monday (15). According to investigations, the report concluded that the cause of the fall was accidental. The funkeiro died on May 16 after fall off the balcony of a hotel suite in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio.

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Also according to the investigations, there is no sign of fights violent actions and crimes in the case. The newspaper “Extra” reported that, last week, in a statement, Bianca Rodrigues, a model who was in the suite with Kevin at the time of the accident, reported that the funkeiro tI went from one balcony to another of the hotel outside after being alerted that someone would be coming.

On social media, Deolane Bezerra, widow of MC Kevin, commented the court decision. The lawyer published, in Stories, Instagram, an image with the phrase: “The justice of men can frustrate you, but trust and hope in the Lord, because his justice never fails”. In the photo, Deolane wrote: “This will be my manifestation. I continue with the complete certainty that evil by itself destroys itself”, he pointed out.

Then Deolane published a photo beside Kevin and talked about the months without the funkeiro. “06 months without you. I keep praying that God will make you understand everything that happened. I remain firm here, hoping for better days and with the full certainty that we love each other a lot and that your desire is to see me happy! Stay in peace, my crazy boy,” he wrote.

the lawyer noyou never hid your opinion about Kevin’s accident. For her, friends induced the funkeiro to death, but without intention.

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