Mc Gui’s father opens the game about relationship with Cartolouco outside of ‘Power Couple Brasil’

With the conflict between Cartolouco and Rogério in ‘Power Couple Brasil’, Mc Gui’s father took the worst and asked to leave the show after an intense fight. Outside the Power Mansion, without apology, the journalist reinforced that he will continue with the process against Rogério and Baronesa.

On Off, Rogério commented on the disagreement with his former friend and, according to the funk singer’s father, he would have no problem listening to what Cartolouco has to say. “I would never stop listening to him. But I don’t know if we would be friends, maybe. I just respect him and move on with life”, he declared.

Without saying anything, Rogério guaranteed that the friendship with Adryana and Albert and Brenda and Matheus will be for life, in addition to saying who doesn’t deserve to win the reality. “Anne and Fr Lanza don’t deserve to win, because they played very dirty”, he fired.

Fight between couples, withdrawal and lawsuit against Cartolouco marked Rogério’s passage on reality

The fight started when Cartolouco and Rogério exchanged provocations after Mc Gui’s father returned to the Power Mansion. The journalist tried to advance against Rogério, but was held back by Mussunzinho and Fr Lanza.

Outside the house, Rogério broke a window while trying to hit the journalist. The program’s security had to intervene. After the confusion, reality showed Rogério and Baronesa’s declaration of withdrawal. “We are leaving because of everything that has happened. Our mental health and our children are worth much more. There is no way to stay here”, they said.

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