Mbappé boss of PSG, Neymar is furious

Luis Campos is now officially installed at PSG and is preparing to work hard to renew a workforce stiffened by some players who no longer have anything to do with PSG. The director of football and his future coach will also have a lot to do with certain executives, Neymar in the lead and the management of Kylian Mbappé’s extension which does not only make people happy.

Barely named, Luis Campos advances his pawns to PSG. After having certainly validated his first significant recruit with Vitinha, the Portuguese knows that he still has a lot of work to do in this off-season. The coach’s file remains a priority and should soon be settled, but Campos is also counting on Antero Henrique to clean up and rid PSG of its undesirables. It is still necessary that the latter put a little good will to leave the club, unlike some like Neymar who have every intention of enjoying their contract until the end. The new staff of PSG will have to play tight while Kylian Mbappé is waiting for him at the turn.

Neymar persists and signs

The first thorny case to be managed by Campos and his teams is surely that of Neymar. As he hinted at the end of the season in response to whistles from the Parc des Princes, we will have to get used to the idea that the Brazilian is still there for a while. According to Marca, Neymar has been probed by several members of the PSG staff about a possible departure and the latter is formal, he has no intention of sitting on his juicy contract. Except in the unlikely event that he finds the same conditions elsewhere, Neymar will not move this summer!

Whatever his name, the new coach will have the difficult task of remaking the former Barcelona player into a competitive player at the highest level and fully involved in the Parisian project. Something that will not happen without strong support from management. In any case, Neymar’s salary will remain a problem at a time when PSG risk being worried about UEFA’s Financial Fair Play following new attacks from Javier Tebas.

Messi wants to succeed in Paris

Another gargantuan salary whose performances are currently very disappointing and which crystallizes the dissatisfaction of the supporters: Leo Messi. For La Pulga, things are different. We must bear in mind that the Argentinian arrived in Paris late last season and that in addition to not having benefited from a complete preparation, he had to digest his departure from FC Barcelona which was his whole club life so far.

If the few brilliant strokes of the native of Rosario were not enough to return the Parc des Princes, Messi hammered that he wanted to stay in Paris next season and do everything to prove in his second and last year of contract. that his transfer to PSG was not a mistake. He is ready for this to put himself at the service of a Kylian Mbappé who has become the true leader of the team by force of circumstance.

The Frenchman first took this leadership on the pitch last season by being the only attacking element to meet expectations, then he confirmed his position as boss by imposing his wishes on the club’s management by signing his new contract. However, some players cringed when they learned of this renewal of Mbappé and did not really appreciate all the ceremonial put in place by the club to announce the news before the match against Metz.

Marca indeed insist on this point. PSG number 7 has taken power, and his extension is proof that bothers some. His relationship with Neymar has thus completely changed. From the best friend in the world when the two players arrived at the same time, the distances were then taken by the Frenchman, who did not see with a good eye the turn of things taken by the Ney. As a result, Mbappé imposes his conditions, and this is also what worries some players. Previously, the leadership was shared with Messi and Neymar, and now there is only one man at the helm. A grip that challenges, while the locker room will sound less and less South American, with in particular a Mbappé-Sergio Ramos-Hakimi clan which intends to set the tone.

What trainer at the helm?

This revolution promised to PSG will certainly go through the appointment of a coach capable of managing this particularly complicated locker room life. If there is little doubt about the ability of a Zinedine Zidane to make these changes, leading such equals would be a great first for a Christophe Galtier who has the advantage of knowing the methods of Luis Campos perfectly.

Separating from the dead weight and the choice of future recruits will be the bases to be laid to give the necessary cost boost which will allow Paris Saint-Germain to start again on a sound basis. Without this, it is not certain that the supporters will wait until March to show their dissatisfaction this year. A little window dressing won’t be enough this time.

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