Mbappé and PSG, an unprecedented decision in France!

While the future of Kylian Mbappé at PSG seems more and more uncertain every day, it is all of football France who will mourn him given his recent performances. A media has decided to embark on an unprecedented operation in our country.

Gérard Piqué had tried to convince Neymar to stay at Barça in 2017 with his famous ” queda ” translated by ” he stays but that was just a useless bluff. Five years later, a journalist imitates him for Kylian Mbappé and will hope for more success in his business. This is Dominique Sévérac, well known to viewers of the Equipe du soir and readers of Le Parisien. The PSG follower for the Ile-de-France daily wants the young French prodigy to still roam the lawns of Ligue 1 and especially that of the Parc des Princes next season. And he assumes the fact of no longer being totally neutral, imitating in this what many Spanish journalists do, who often assume frankly the fact of being a supporter of a club. A great first in France, which the experienced journalist assumes without any problem.

Mission to keep Mbappé, a first in France

This is how the Parisian on Thursday headlined with this injunction to Kylian Mbappé: “Ris! “. If some believe that it is an inappropriate approach on the part of a national newspaper and journalists who must remain measured, Dominique Sévérac does not agree. For him, it is normal, as a man and a professional, to act for the common good and for Ligue 1, even if it is in vain. He explained his point of view in the evening team so that this position does not just pass for a media stunt in order to be seen well by Paris Saint-Germain and its leaders at a time when Doha throws all its forces in the battle to try to convince Mbappé not to go to Real Madrid and to extend his contract with PSG.

The journalist therefore justified himself, while acknowledging that this will not have any weight in the final choice of the 2018 world champion. The media will not influence Kylian Mbappé’s decision. He’s a big boy, he’ll do whatever he wants. On the other hand, we have a role to play. It’s a matter in sport, we can get involved. We have passion[…] positions are taken. After yet another match where he captivated us, we got together (at the Parisian, editor’s note) and we said to ourselves, what are we doing? And well, we tell him to stay. We take sides, it will not change anything in the phase of the world, it will not change anything in his opinion, but we our role, Parisian newspaper, which follows PSG on a daily basis, which devotes a third of its annual pagination to Paris Saint-Germain . We are not going there, we are committed to saying that we, this player, we like him, we love him and we still want to see him under our windows for a few more years. “, he says. An approach that has the merit of existing but is it useful? Because Kylian Mbappé has often shown that he likes to do as he sees fit for his career, and has always done so.

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