Mbappé and Nkunku, married at first sight

While the Blues floundered on the lawn of Vienna against solid Austrians, Kylian Mbappé, uncertain at the kick-off, and Christopher Nkunku entered at the end of the match to save the furniture. Ten minutes full of promise for a duet that we’ve been waiting for, and that we already want to see again.

The night has long been dark for the Blues, in the warm Viennese evening. Led by Austrians who were incisive at first, before retreating firmly to their cage, Didier Deschamps’ men have long lacked the imagination to reverse the situation. The lack of inspiration from the ghost of Antoine Griezmann is not for nothing, as is the absence of Kylian Mbappé at kick-off. But the Habs ended up finding the light at the end of the match, thanks to the luminous entries of Kylian Mbappé and Christopher Nkunku, whose budding relationship revived the Blues.

A quarter of an hour full of promise

Entering on the hour mark in place of Antoine Griezmann, still far from his level, Mbappé, although uncertain at the kick-off, immediately changed the face of a meeting that was very badly embarked on for the champions of the world. While so far only the races of Kingsley Coman unbalanced the Austrian block, the Parisian, by his mere presence, reshuffled the cards, in particular by obtaining and kicking several corners. But his entry alone was still not enough. And ten minutes later, Christopher Nkunku replaced Kingsley Coman. The turning point of the evening.

After also getting a corner kick, the best player in the Bundesliga connected his current form to Mbappé’s movements. While they had shared only two minutes in March against South Africa (and 34 games during their two joint seasons at PSG), this love at first sight ball materialized by the French equalizer three minutes after the entry of the Leipzig striker, after a school one-two between him and Mbappé, who came to crucify the Austrian goalkeeper (1-1, 83e). Four minutes later, the two men did it again, with Benzema in the lot. This time, the one-two happens in the middle of the penalty area, in small spaces. And this time, Mbappé’s shot is deflected on the bar. “It’s a shame, I try to fake the goalkeeper but I don’t meet her enough” analyzed the French after the match at the microphone of TF1.

A new love triangle

More than by this missed opportunity, and by the too short association of the two game changer of the evening on the Blues side, Mbappé was above all frustrated by the collective performance and the lack of initiative of his people: “We must continue in the momentum of the last minutes with this desire to play, to offer high game” . Ambitions embodied on the ball by the two kindred spirits. But Mbappé did not want to sound the alarm: “No, we didn’t win. We didn’t go and take what we wanted before the match. We will work to try to win on Monday. (…) You should never worry, always be proud, try to improve. » Asked about his physical form, the French striker confirmed that he was not at 100% before the meeting, without it being a problem in his eyes: “If the coach needs me, I can force a little bit. There is one game left before the holidays » . With a Nkunku in full swing behind him, a half-Mbappé could be enough to see the Blues regain the taste of victory after three unsuccessful games in the League of Nations. In any case, this is what the quarter of an hour spent by Mbappé and Nkunku on the lawn this evening in Vienna suggests. A start of bromance which will not suit Antoine Griezmann, unfortunate hero of this new love triangle, he who has never found his place between Benzema and the heir to Bondy, and who now sees a new suitor s invite in this threesome: Christopher Nkunku.

By Adrien Hémard-Dohain

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