Mayerová (77) on meeting her husband: Kostka, that was a terrible opponent!

Is there a recipe for a long-lasting marriage?

“No, maybe just respect and a certain degree of tolerance. But we are not celebrating alone this year! August 17th is also František Němek’s wedding anniversary! We had a double wedding at the Old Town Hall. He and Ivanka were married for the first time, and we and Petr were married for the second time.”

Are you planning a party?

“We have already celebrated because we have different plans in the summer. We originally thought about doing a big family reunion, but there are just too many of us. So we only met František and Ivanka. I made lunch, ordered a cake and we had a nice afternoon.’

Do you still remember your first meeting with your husband?

“That cannot be forgotten. I was engaged in a theater in Hradec Králové and I received an offer to audition in what was then Gottwaldov. I walked through the cafe with the director, where Petr was sitting. Even then he was my idol. Star!”

Did you talk together?

“Not then. He was in military uniform and barely looked up when I was introduced. He seemed pretty cocky to me then. When we talked about it later, he admitted: It was because I liked you so much! He seemed like an antithesis to me. And he was actually hiding his admiration!” (laughs)

Carmen Mayer admitted to a collapse in the theater! How is it now?

Were there periods when it wasn’t all rosy?

“That happens in almost every relationship. But I think when we had problems, the theater was what united us. It was what helped us. And when I ever had a hard time, I always remembered our beginnings.”

What were they like?

“Beautifully. I remember that when we looked at each other in the Municipal Theaters of Prague, we were happy and said to ourselves: I wish it would last us at least another week, then a month, then until Christmas… And suddenly it’s been fifty years.”

Your common daughter Tereza Kostková is also an actress. What is it like to be on stage with her?

“As with any other colleague, if she is talented. I don’t distinguish it. We have been playing together for twenty years in Viola and the new beautiful play On the Run in the Kalich Theater. Now over the summer on the summer scene under the Žižkov Tower.”

A fateful meeting

When the two actors got together, both had already had one marriage. Carmen had a daughter Kateřina from him, Petr had two daughters – Zuzana and Helena. He divorced, then his ex-wife tragically died in a car accident. Together, the partners took care of three children, and they also had a common daughter, Tereza, who is now a well-known presenter and actress. Thanks to their large family, they now have not only grandchildren, but also great-grandchildren.

You can find the entire interview in the printed form of Sunday’s Aha! (24/07/2022)

Kostková’s fear: After the collapse of Carmen, the theater is cancelled! And Gottová is furious about the movie Karel

Mysterious Spanish woman

They call her Carmen or Carmíno, her full name is Maria de Monte Carmen Carin Martorell Mir Mayerová de Kostka. He is of German-Spanish descent. Mom was Spanish, she came from Mallorca. It wasn’t until she was sixteen that she learned from her that she didn’t grow up with her father, but with her stepfather, the painter and architect Carlos Mayer, whose name she bears. The real father was said to be a Wehrmacht officer who was taken prisoner at the end of the war and most likely died. She never told her father, who raised her, that she knew so as not to hurt him.

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