MAXIDENT: Stray Kids premiered new teasers playing with bubbles

In a couple of weeks, MAXIDENT, Stray Kids’ new mini album, will be available. More and more advances are released for its premiere and the most recent were group photos where the members appear having fun with bubbles and foam. What can fans expect from the album?

stray kids will be back the first week of October with the mini album MAXIDENT, an album that they will release several months after their success with ODDINARY. new teaser photos in which the entire group appears were released.

Stray Kids in teaser for their MAXIDENT album. // Source: Twitter @Stray_Kids

Stay is very excited for Stray Kids’ new mini album, which will be released after the group toured the United States and various countries in Asia. So far, there have been several previews of the album. What can fans expect from it?

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Stray Kids shared new group photos for their MAXIDENT mini album

Soon Stray Kids will release their new album MAXIDENT and the teaser released by their return have completely excited Stay. In the latest series of Photosthe members can be seen having fun in the middle of a car wash.

For the teaser photos MAXIDENT’s Lee Know, Hyunjin, Han, and IN appeared playing with bubbles, in the middle of what appears to be a car wash covered entirely in suds. The members showed a sweet and cute side.

Stray Kids in new group photos for MAXIDENT. // Source: Twitter @Stray_Kids

On the other hand, Bang Chang, Seungmin, Changbin, and Felix showed a tough side by posing nonchalantly amidst the foam of the venue, a teaser photo that completely mesmerized their fans.

Stray Kids in new group photos for MAXIDENT. // Source: Twitter @Stray_Kids

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Stray Kids’ Case 143 To Be One Of The Title Songs For MAXIDENT

MAXIDENT, Stray Kids’ new mini album will include a song called Case 143, which was written by 3RACHA, the subunit of the group that has shown their talents in songwriting and production. This song will be one of the group’s first to be exclusively focused on love, news that has made their fans quite excited.

Stray Kids will release MAXIDENT on October 7 at 1:00 p.m. (KST) and the album will feature a total of eight songs that promise to be a hit. Have you scheduled it yet? It’s a comeback you don’t want to miss.

In other news, Stray Kids shared a video preview for SUPER BOARD, one of the songs that will be a part of MAXIDENT. Did you see it?

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