Max Allegri denounces the former partner. He accuses her of embezzlement and breach of family care obligations

The clash in court between Massimiliano Allegri and his former partner and mother of his son, Claudia Ughi. The coach of the Juve accuses her of misappropriation And violation of family assistance obligations. For Allegri, in fact, the woman would have used part of the monthly sum (10 thousand euros) intended for the maintenance of the child for another purpose. The statement of account would highlight extra payments like the university tuition of the woman’s other daughter, born from a previous relationship. Allegri’s former partner is disputed about 200 thousand euros of undue expenses over the three-year period 2019-2021.

The investigations were entrusted to Finance Police and the former partner of Allegri is charged with 200 thousand euros of undue expenses in the three-year period 2019-2021. It is not the first time that the two meet in a courtroom: in January 2021 the Juventus coach had asked for the reduction, from 10 to 5 thousand euros per month, of the amount to be paid for the child. Allegri pointed out that his economic situation had changed, being “unemployed“For two years, after theexemption of Juventus. The appeal, however, had been rejected both at the first and second level of judgment. Allegri and Ughi separated in 2017, later 13 years of coexistence.

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