Mavys Álvarez declared in front of the Argentine Justice against Diego Maradona

In September, Mavys Álvarez took courage and decided to tell the hell she lived next to Diego Maradona. The Cuban little by little related episodes that she lived during her years of courtship with the former soccer player and the whole country was mobilized by her sayings.

Finally, on Thursday, November 18, the ex-girlfriend of “Ten” appeared in the courts of Comodoro Py to testify against the environment that surrounded the father of Dalma and Gianinna Maradona. Within the list of accused are: Omar Suarez, Mariano Israelit and Guillermo Coppola, among others.

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As an alleged victim of trafficking, Gesell declared in a camera in front of a psychologist, since the law determines it that way. The defendants who have already been notified have yet to come forward.

In addition, the Cuban provided evidence where they include love letters, airline tickets, hotel receipts, photos where they are seen together, among other things. Out of fear, the blonde decided to speak now, once Maradona passed away.

Mavys Álvarez with Diego Maradona and the accused environment.

It is still unknown about the sayings of Mavys Álvarez in the Gesell chamber, but she declared having visited Argentina on two occasions. One was for an aesthetic breast augmentation operation and the other was for two and a half months that she was guarded most of her stay.

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