Mauro Icardi’s surprising request to Wanda Nara after separating: the details

After the speculations that were made about the relationship of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, the businesswoman came out to confirm their separation and asked for respect in this difficult time that they are going through as a family. However, after the statement made by the researcher from “Who is the mask?”, The footballer would have asked his partner to go out and deny everything published.

Luli Fernandez counted in “Show Partners” that he was able to speak with the sister of Zaira Nara and said: “She was a little surprised by the stories of Icardi in the networks in the days before where he would show up in photos with her and say he missed her.”

And I add: “Mauro asked Wanda to go out and deny everything and she was emphatic, firm, and told me on WhatsApp ‘I am not going to deny absolutely anything. This is a decision made‘”. Meanwhile, to Wanda Nara She has already begun to be linked with different Argentine personalities.

One of them was L-Ghent Y another was Martín Payero, a Boca player, but the businesswoman came out to deny italthough from the leader of the “Cumbia 420” he said absolutely nothing. At the moment, the sister of Zaira Nara He is in the country finishing some work commitments.

Wanda Nara as a researcher in “Who is the mask?”.

After concluding with the recordings of “Who is the mask?”it is unknown how Wanda Nara’s agenda follows. At the moment, her children are in Turkey with Mauro Icardi.

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