Mauro Icardi would have been unfaithful to Wanda Nara during a summer in Ibiza: "They saw them come out of the bathroom"

When everything seemed to indicate that peace had come to the couple of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, it was announced that the player would have starred in an infidelity in 2018. The forgiveness granted by the businesswoman to the soccer player could be in danger if the data mentioned in the last hours is confirmed.

On “Intruders”, Rodrigo Lussich He told unknown information so far: “Icardi would have had a meeting with a woman during his vacation with Wanda Nara”. The journalist indicated that the event would have occurred in 2018, when the couple was vacationing in Ibiza. And one of those nights they went to a bowling alley called Lio and it was at that moment that the player spent the whole night looking at one of the dancers of the place.

“She approached the area where Mauro Icardi was. They looked at each other at all times and the girl left. Mauro got up and went to the bathroom. Then they saw them both come out of that bathroom, she was the first and then he came out “The journalist related about the meeting between the player and the dancer, while his wife was also there in a VIP section.

This version was given by the wife of a magician who worked in the bowling alley and after this situation that occurred three years ago, it was this woman who told what happened to Wanda Nara through a private message on the lace’s social networks.

After the businesswoman knew this version, the magician was fired from the bowling alley and this had never been talked about. And of course this scandal of Mauro with the China Suárez brought to light this story, in which it is indicated that the player had already been unfaithful to his wife.

The truth is that in the next few days, between Sunday and Monday, the exclusive interview that Wanda will give to Susana gimenez. This note will be filmed over three days and several fronts are being considered in terms of content: the duo would visit Icardi on the court, they would go to lunch, they would tour Paris, and they would also include a special stop at the Disney amusement park.

On the other hand, after the meeting takes place, in “The angels of the morning” They commented that the media would come to Argentina next month to spend the holidays with her sister Zaira Nara and to fulfill an important labor commitment. “I spoke with Wanda and asked her if she came for the characters of the year and she told me that they invited her”, assured Angel de Brito.

Wanda Nara, at the center of the controversy again.

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