Maurizio Costanzo Show, the conductor’s question to Manuel Bortuzzo: “What happened to your curious girlfriend?”. The reactions on Twitter

Manuel BortuzzoWednesday 11 May, was the guest of Maurizio Costanzo Show. During the episode, Maurizio Costanzo spoke with the swimmer about the beautiful friendship born inside the Big Brother Vip with Aldo Montano, present among the guests: “It was very nice to see your union,” said the reporter. As imaginable, there was no lack of space dedicated to gossip. “What happened to your curious girlfriend?“, has continued Costanzo. Bortuzzo he answered: “I left her, she leads her life, I make my life“. Among the applause of the audience he then added: “Yes, I left it. At 20, loves come and go“. On Twitter, the public and those who followed the story of the flirtation between the swimming champion and the princess Lulù Selassièdid not appreciate the attitude of Bortuzzo: “’I left it, ‘he says, the audience cheers and Manuel Bortuzzo laughs. This is the person who has been on TV for a week talking about this thing and reiterates that she ‘she doesn’t want to talk about it’“, Writes a user; “Bortuzzo turned out to be a unique wickedness“, Continues another, and again:”Lulu does not deserve to be mocked on TV. The fairies are ready to bury Bortuzzo“.


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