Maurílio’s widow reports crying when returning home after the singer’s death: ‘Saudade’

Widow of country singer Maurílio reported crying when returning to the couple’s apartment for the first time after his death. The artist spent two weeks in hospital and died at the age of 28 on the 29th. “I miss you. This past week I returned to our apartment. It was not easy to open that door without you. I trembled, I cried. Every corner I looked, I remembered the people planning which furniture to buy, when I was going to be able to buy it, you wanted everything to please me..”, said Luana Ramos.

The singer’s widow rescued a video in which she appears with her husband visiting the property. Luana also told her reaction to finding herself alone at home. “It was difficult to sleep in our bed, which became immense. I felt your presence there, always leaving your side of the bed vacant, hoping to wake up and see you, like in one of my dreams that I woke up and saw you there resting and waking up at few, not understanding what had happened in the last month”, he continued.

Maurílio’s widow recalled her last meeting with her husband

Maurílio was hospitalized after not feeling well while recording a DVD. The musician was paired with Luiza, who thrilled fans with a farewell letter. Still in the post, this Friday (14), the widow of the sertanejo recalled one of the last meetings with her husband. “The last time I saw you ‘well’ was when I dropped you off at the Imperatriz airport, walking through the door, pulling your green suitcase, going on a trip, to do what you love..”, he wrote.

“And that’s what will stay in my mind, that you went on a trip! When I miss you, I’ll think you’re singing, on the stages of Brazil, because I know you will be! In all the shows together with your partner. Glad I hugged you tight, glad I said I loved you! Glad I remember every detail of that hug!”, he continued.

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