Maturity, the track most chosen by the candidates was the one dedicated to the hyper-connected world between a sense of loss and vulnerability

AND finished there first try written for the 2022 baccalaureate exam. After three years of detention due to the pandemic, the students were able to take the subject again. After a few hours it is possible to take stock of the favorite tracks of the high school students. The most popular, the C track dedicated to the potential and risks of a hyper-connected world and taken from the book “Keep it on” from Vera Gheno and Bruno Mastroianni. “Living in a hyper-connected world means that every person has a kind of augmented identity” – the authors write in the book – “we need to learn to manage ourselves not only in real life, but also in virtual life”. Precisely for this reason: “In the presence of a not perfectly defined self-perception, or perhaps a shaky self-esteem, being online can become a real problem. Despite this, the solution is not necessarily to stay out of social networks “. In a few lines the writers enclose the sense of loss And vulnerability linked to hyperconnection. A current theme, which concerns young people closely, for this reason the 21.2% of them chose to play this track.

On the contrary, the 18% of the candidates opted for the track that took inspiration from the book “The only fault of being born” from Gherardo Colombo And Liliana Segre. The text proposed a reflection on racial laws, a subject that has been dealt with for a long time also at school desks. In third place, with the 16.5% preferences, the analysis of the text taken from “Nedda. Sicilian sketch “ from Giovanni Verga. The protagonist of the novel is a peasant woman who must face the loss of her beloved. The woman is pregnant with a little girl who will die shortly after her birth, at which time she decides to thank Our Lady for not letting her live.


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