Maturity 2022, Liliana Segre’s grandson: “The trace on my grandmother? The prof told me: ‘Did you see who is there?’. I started it, but I didn’t feel it “

F. sits on the bench, the professors hand over the traces of the first written test of the final examination: theme A: Pascoli, La via ferrata. Verga, Nedda, Sicilian sketch. Theme B: Gherardo Colombo e Liliana Segre, The only fault of being born. She stops reading. Who? “My grandmother? I never would have imagined it. Until the second before I was very agitated, as soon as I read my grandmother’s name I calmed down. P.For the others, Signora Segre is a senator, for me she is family, she is home. In such an unknown situation I felt more serene reading about her ”. So tells F. (deliberately anonymous), the youngest grandson of life senator Liliana Segre al Corriere della Sera, revealing the emotions he felt yesterday when, on the first day of maturity, a theme about grandmother was found among the tracks.

F. is an eighteen year old who attends the scientific high school who after high school maybe will do Economics, or maybe Physics, or maybe Mathematics. “I’m a little confused,” he admits. He certainly did not expect to find his grandmother’s name in the first test: “With our classmates we did the tototracce – says the young man – Pascoli we got it right, then we thought of Svevo. We were skeptical about current events: war in Ukraine? We have thought about climate change. The English teacher came up to me and said: ‘Did you see who’s there?’. Eh, of course I saw, I thought“, remember.

Initially he chooses that track, he starts but then stops: “I imagined myself in the orals. In front of the professors of the commission. I saw them reading aloud excerpts from my theme, and I got stuck. While I was writing I realized that I would have had a too personal approach to the other students, and so I changed in the race “. Then he chooses Oliver Sacks’ text, Musicofilia, he is not a music lover he tells, but at least the text does not speak of his grandmother. When after six long hours he finishes the exam and leaves school he meets some classmate who tells him: “You did the essay on your grandmother! Great!” And he discovers that many of his friends have chosen that very track.

To warn his grandmother, F. says to write to him often, but she reads but does not reply: “I think he prefers phone calls to chats”He continues. Arriving home, he calls her: “Grandma, did you see?” She, in a serious tone: “Did you do it?”. “No grandma, I started it and then I changed”. “Bravo, F. Right choice” ”. F. knows why his grandmother answered him like that: “She is worried that her story so dramatic about her affects our lives. THEThe weight on her shoulders prefers to carry it alone “.

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