Matthieu delormeau "shocked to death" : The interview carried out with Brigitte Macron by Jacques Legros puts him beside himself

This Wednesday, January 12, 2022, Jacques Legros received Brigitte Macron in his 13 hours on TF1. The First Lady was the guest of the JT to discuss the launch of the new edition of the Yellow Pieces. But the replacement of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau took the opportunity to ask questions to his interlocutor, in particular on the sentence pronounced by her husband a few days ago: “The unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off“.

The former French teacher was caught off guard but managed to answer the journalist’s questions. The performance of the latter has been widely criticized. The least we can say is that he took it for his rank on social networks: “Sassy”, “Misplaced questions”, “Low-level journalism”, could one read in particular in various comments.

In Do not touch My TV, this interview was debriefed and several columnists expressed their dissatisfaction. Starting with Matthieu Delormeau. “She expected to have someone polite and courteous in her face and she didn’t get it! Me, that shocked me to death! You say he has cojones … cojones, c “is to attack the president! Some at the time who attacked the president, lost their place. There, he had a charming woman who came, who never speaks of politics and came for them. Yellow Coins. There is no courage. No education and no courage! “, he swung very annoyed by the images he saw. “It’s odious! We treat this First Lady so badly! It’s like asking a woman her age, it doesn’t happen what he did”, let go of the one who will take over the reins of TPMP People very soon on C8.

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