Matthew Solano account "secret" not to be deluded by fame: "Insecurity, analysis and meditation"

Matthew Solano he commented on his “secret” for not being deluded by fame and even revealed that he didn’t count on success, reflecting on how he usually handles the projection of his work.

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In conversation with the podcast Nov. 9, Mateus told about his “secret” of humility: “A lot of insecurity mixed with a lot of analysis, a lot of reading and meditation. a character different from me.”

He continued: “This is my big thing: being there, acting with those people – many of them I’ve watched since I was a kid, like Mendes Cork Tattoo e Ana Lucia Torre. This is my pleasure. I don’t take pleasure in success, fame, I take pleasure in my craft. And of course I’m very happy, and it’s the pinnacle of my craft, when he touches people to the point of making them try to think differently.”

The actor also spoke about how he defends the environment: “My strongest defense of the environment started in “grab hold” (2017), at the time when people started talking about the absurdity of plastic straws. I joined this wave and said: ‘I’m going to use my visibility and my number of followers to talk about ecology’. It’s a very process. natural and organic, because reconnecting with nature is reconnecting with us.”

“It’s a path that was taken very naturally, I didn’t say ‘now I need to change my life from 8 to 80’. I still eat meat, for example, something that is unthinkable if we talk about the future – eating meat for the less the way we eat, every day, as if it were necessary, and with the genocide of animals. It is a process that still has many steps,” he said.

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