Matthew McConaughey appears naked in photo to celebrate the "pickle day"

Matthew McConaughey surprised his followers on social media by posting a nude photo to celebrate “Pickle Day”. The actor used his Instagram to share the photo, in which he poses completely naked, wearing a necklace around his neck, while holding a jar of pickles in front of the fridge.

The 53-year-old actor received several fun messages, as well as some more daring ones. “Who cropped the photo? I’m sad,” joked one netizen. “I want to see the pickle that’s not in the jar,” said another. “I wish it was me taking this photo,” wrote another user. “Beautiful man”, praised a fourth follower.

Last year, the artist said in an interview that he has been thinking a lot about death — including the Oscar-winning actor for “Dallas Buyers Club” (2014) claimed to have dreamed of the moment.

The artist spoke about the subject on the podcast “Sway”, from the newspaper “The New York Times”. The show’s presenter, Kara Swisherrecalled that the father of the 51-year-old star agreed how he would die, and questioned him on the same topic.

“Yes, I dreamed about it. I feel like I’m going away as part of the food chain,” McConaughey said, laughing. Then he explained his “premonition”: he dreamed of being attacked by wild animals. “I dreamed of crocodiles. There was one with a bear. There was one with a grizzly bear,” he detailed.

Swisher stated that these would be “terrible” ways to die, but the actor disagreed: “No, I don’t think so. I’d rather leave that way than be… Than get shot by someone in the car”, he stressed.

“You know, I’m going to choose (a death) which is part of the natural order. There’s a certain grace to it. It may be ugly, painful and bloody, but at least it’s part of the natural order. So I’m buying (the idea),” McConaughey said.

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