Mattarella’s speech after dissolving the Chambers. "There is contribution from everyone"

Rome, 21 July 2022 – Finally the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarelladissolved the Chambers and the Council of Ministers was made official date of the upcoming elections: the September 25. After having heard the Presidents of the two branches of Parliament, pursuant to Article 88 of the Constitution, the Head of State signed the decree for the dissolution of the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies, which was countersigned by Prime Minister of Ministers, Mario Draghiwhich was previously resigned.

“The dissolution anticipated is always the last choice to be made, particularly if there are many important obligations in front of the Chambers, but the political situation has led to this decision “, said the head of state at a press conference.” The discussion, the vote and the The ways in which this vote was expressed yesterday in the Senate – he continued – made clear the lack of parliamentary support for the government and the absence of prospects for creating a new majority. This condition made the early dissolution of the Chambers inevitable. The government has submitted its resignation. In acknowledging this, I thanked the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Ministers for their efforts in these eighteen months. It is known that the Government, with the dissolution of the Chambers and the calling of new elections, encounters limitations in its activity. However, it has the tools to intervene on the present needs and on those that will arise in the months between today’s decision and the installation of the new government which will be determined by the vote of the voters.

“I have a duty to underline – he continued – that the period that we cross does not allow breaks in the indispensable interventions to counter the effects of the economic and social crisis and, in particular, of the increase in inflation which, caused above all by the cost of energy and food products, has serious consequences for families and businesses. Essential to contain the effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine on the level of the security of Europe and our country. Indispensable for the increasingly necessary collaboration at European and international level. These needs are accompanied – with decisive importance – by that of implementation within the agreed times of National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which the necessary and substantial European support funds are conditional on. Nor can the duty to continue fighting the pandemic, which is still dangerously widespread, can be ignored. For these reasons I hope that – even in the intense, and at times acute, dialectic of the election campaign – there is, from everyone, a constructive contribution, with regard to the aspects I have indicated; in the best interest of Italy “.

The resigning government, therefore, remains in office until the elections and will operate mainly on Pnrr, Ukraine And inflationDraghi said.

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Thanks from Draghi

Mario Draghi, resigning Prime Minister, gave this speech in the CDM: “As you know, this morning I resigned in the hands of the President of the Republic, who took note of it, asking to remain in office for current affairs. I want to thank first of all the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellafor the confidence accordatami and for the wisdom with which he managed this phase of crisis. Then I want to thank you all for the dedication, generosity, pragmatism you have shown in recent months. We must be very proud of the work we have done, in the wake of the mandate of the President of the Republic, at the service of all citizens. Italy has everything to be strong, authoritative, credible in the world. You have shown it day after day in these months of government. Now we must maintain the same determination in the activity that we will be able to carry out in the coming weeks, within the limits of the perimeter that has been designed. In particular, we must deal with emergencies related to the pandemicat the war in Ukraineatinflation and al cost of energy. We must carry on with the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – also to facilitate the work of the Government that will succeed us. I will take with me a very nice memory of these meetings, of the exchanges I had individually with you. There will still be time for greetings. Now let’s get back to work. ”

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