Mattarella dissolved the Chambers, voting on 25 September. The president: “No pauses possible in this moment of emergencies, I hope a constructive contribution despite the electoral campaign”

“The absence of prospects for one new majorityMade it inevitable early termination of the Rooms and the calling of new elections, which are always the last act, especially in a complicated moment like this. The country faces various emergencies, such as the war of Russia versus Ukrainethe reforms necessary for the Recovery plan and resiliencethe rise ofinflation and the fight against pandemic and for this reason the wish is that “even in the intense election campaign there will be a constructive contribution on the part of all in the interest of Italy”. It is the meaning, in summary, of the short speech that the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella he pronounced immediately after the signing of the decree that led to the early termination of the legislature. The early elections will be held on September 25. The President of the Republic explained that he thanked the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the ministers “for their commitment in these 18 months”. “The government – added the head of state – encounters limitations in its activities, but it has the tools to operate in these months before the new executive arrives. No breaks are possible in the moment we are going through, i energy costs they have consequences for families and businesses, economic difficulties must be addressed, there are many obligations to be closed in the interest of Italy “.

“The early dissolution of Parliament – underlined the head of state among other things – is always the last choice to make, particularly if, as in this period, there are many important obligations before the Chambers to be fulfilled in the interest of our country. But the political situation that has arisen has led to this decision ”. The President of the Republic is back on the end of the Draghi government. “The discussion, the vote and the modalities with which this vote was expressed yesterday in the Senate – he added – made clear the lack of parliamentary support for the government and the absence of prospects for creating a new majority “.

Mattarella’s passage dedicated to emergencies resonated almost like a stigmatization: “I have a duty to emphasize – the head of state said – that the period we are going through does not allow for pauses in the interventions that are essential to counter the effects of economic and social crisis and, in particular, ofincrease in inflation which, caused above all by the cost of energy and food, has serious consequences for families and businesses. Essential interventions, therefore, to cope with economic difficulties and their social repercussions, especially as regards our fellow citizens in weaker conditions. Indispensable – he remarked again – to contain the effects of the war of the Russia against theUkraine in terms of the security of Europe and our country. Indispensable for the increasingly necessary collaboration at European and international level. These requirements are accompanied – with decisive importance – by the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which the necessary and substantial European support funds are conditional on. Nor can the duty to continue fighting the pandemic, which is still dangerously widespread, can be ignored. For these reasons, I hope that – despite the intense, and at times acute, dialectic of the election campaign – there will be a constructive contribution on the part of all, with regard to the aspects I have indicated; in the’superior interest of Italy“.

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