Mats Hummels’ ex-flirt Julia Gauly has an open marriage!

Julia Nikola Gauly sheds light on her relationship! In May, the beauty was caught snogging with professional kicker Mats Hummels (33) – but apparently it was only a short-lived liaison. A few days ago, the influencer surprisingly gave another man the yes word. She is totally happy with him – probably also because the relationship concept of the two works well for her. Julia and her lover are in an open marriage!

In a small question and answer session in her Instagramstory, the model now gave insights into his relationship. “We are married, but have a different or open relationship model”, explained the OnlyFans beauty. This form of partnership works perfectly for her and her husband. “We always communicate everything, which is why our relationship continues to develop,” added Julia.

In the past few weeks, Julia has had to take a lot on social media – she has received a lot of hate mail because she married another man shortly after flirting with the Borussia Dortmund player. “Unfortunately, some people’s horizons are really limited. For some people, there are other concepts for their relationship and their love.”she had resisted at the time.

Mats Hummels in March 2022

Instagram / juliaroemmelt

Julia Gauly with her husband in July 2022
Julia Nikola Gauly in April 2022

Does it surprise you that Julia has an open marriage?

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