Matrix Resurrections: the scene after the film’s credits

What happens after the credits of Matrix Resurrections, the sequel currently in theaters?

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What happens in the scene after the credits from Matrix Resurrections, the sequel currently airing in theaters around the world? Yes, even the fourth chapter of the saga conceived by the Wachowski sisters boasts an extra content after the final credits, as already happened in 2003 (the second chapter, after the conclusion of the actual film, showed the teaser of the third, released six months after). Warning, spoilers follow!

Matrix Resurrections: Keanu Reeves e Carrie-Anne Moss in una scena

Matrix Resurrections ends with Neo and Trinity back together, and with her somehow having the same powers as the beloved. The post-credits instead returns to the discussion on reboots and sequels inside the offices of Deus Machina, where Thomas Anderson was commissioned to make a new episode of the franchise. The conversation reaches its surreal climax when one of the interlocutors says “Cinema is dead, video games too. Videos with cats remain. Let’s … The Catrix.

Matrix Resurrections, Keanu Reeves: “I hate the word hope: you have to act to change things!”

Matrix Resurrections 33

Matrix Resurrections: Keanu Reeves in una scena

A moment of lightness that is linked to the satirical vein of the film, which does not send them to say about the Hollywood machine and its conception of the exploitation of intellectual property, complete with an explicit dig at Warner Bros. which, in the film and in life , he intended to return to the world of the Matrix without necessarily involving the minds behind the franchise. In the end, Lilly Wachowski chose to give up for personal reasons, while Lana Wachowski used the film to mourn, having lost her parents in quick succession (the feature film contains a dedication to the couple).

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Matrix Resurrections: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in an image from the first trailer of the film

The film was released in American cinemas on December 22nd and in Italian cinemas on January 1st. In the United States it was the last Warner feature film to be released in hybrid mode, with simultaneous distribution to theaters and, for the first thirty days of programming, on the HBO Max platform. For 2022, however, the major has decided to apply the 45-day window system, granting this duration to theatrical exclusivity before being able to stream their films.

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