Matrix Resurrections: new images unveiled in a short teaser

The upcoming Matrix movie, titled “Matrix Resurrections”, reveals more of its awe-inspiring action in a brief teaser aimed at Japanese audiences. Action, an exploding helicopter, and also a mysterious Trinity … The hype is at its peak!

Matrix Resurrections : the most anticipated return of the year

Come on, let’s be positive for once. Matrix Resurrections, fourth film in the saga of the Wachowski sisters inaugurated in 1999, is not “perhaps” the greatest expectation of the year 2021, she definitely is. After the anecdotal Fast and Furious 9, after the excellent Dune and after the disappointing To die can wait, the very big show will be offered one last time this year with Matrix Resurrections, waited firmly December 22, 2021.

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The wait is immense, because Keanu Reeves, because Carrie-Anne Moss, because the Matrix, because Lana Wachowski, because all this fantastic modern mythology! And after a first phenomenal trailer, we discover today a very brief teaser, intended for the Japanese public, in which an image strongly appeals.

Has the Matrix taken over?

We had previously glimpsed the reunion between Neo and Trinity, who did not seem to recognize each other at first contact. In this teaser, among other shots missing from the trailer, it appears that a version of Trinity in Matrix Resurrections is not made of flesh and bone. Thus, the possibility of dealing with “digital” clones, in addition to the real human protagonists, is now almost certain. But as for the original trilogy, it is difficult to fully define the issues and the problems. Where does the Matrix end and where does the real world begin? More than ever, these two entities seem intimately linked, and Neo will pay the price.

Matrix Resurrections © Warner Bros.

Moreover, if the hero played by Keanu Reeves was already overpowered in the trailer for Matrix Resurrections, we discover it there in unpublished images visibly in the process of to divert a missile from its trajectory, to shoot down a helicopter. Spread the word, Neo is back for the Christmas holidays and it’s going to hurt a lot!

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