Matrix 4: A new poster unveiled, what does it teach us about the film?

There are only a few weeks left before discovering the fourth part of Matrix in French dark rooms. In order to stir our curiosity even more about the film by Lana Wachowski, the Warner has also unveiled an original poster. On it, and as you can see below, we find Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, respectively in the skin of Neo and Trinity but also the new characters introduced soon. Among them in particular, a rejuvenated version of Morpheus, to whom Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will lend his features as well as Jessica Henwick who will play Bugs in the feature film. We also see, in the background, a mysterious woman. However, it’s hard to say who it really is.

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New poster unveiled of Matrix 4. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

If he does not really reveal any clue about the plot of Matrix 4, the poster could however have teased the alliance of these characters vis-a-vis the Matrix of which several rumors would want that Jonathan Groff and Neil Patrick Harris are the henchmen. In addition, Neo should use his powers again as Morpheus and Bugs prepare for battle, weapons in hand. No wonder then that Matrix 4 be officially R-Rated! This new image will also recall the codes of the original trilogy. Surrounded by the traditional green atmosphere of the Matrix, Neo and Trinity will be back in their classic leather ensembles.

Poster from the original Matrix trilogy.
Poster from the original Matrix trilogy. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

A detail that could underline the homage and nostalgia paid to previous films. Finally, one last element seems to have attracted the attention of several fans: the Morpheus costume. Where each of the characters wear black, the famous hacker once played by Laurence Fishburne has opted for a burgundy and green suit. According to several followers of the saga, this could be a clue as to the future nature of Morpheus in the sci-fi blockbuster. We will have to wait until December 22, 2021 to discover the real role of the hero!

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