Matisse’s departure on vacation does not go as planned following the Ryanair strike: “Everything was in order and then…”, the price of his journey explodes

Matisse is in his first year at the University of Liège. He just finished his exams. It is in a kot where there is a great atmosphere. 3 months ago, the group of friends (there are 5 of them) decided to go on vacation for 10 days in Marseille.

Everything is well prepared. The friends reserve the tickets a little after the Easter holidays. Price with Ryanair: 150 euros for the round trip to Marseille. Friends are still renting an Airbnb. There’s more than from this June 24th. We take off from Charleroi at 6 am.

►► Or almost: “Everything was in order and Wednesday at noon”

►► The beginning of the galleys for Matisse…

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