Matilda: Actress causes controversy by wearing “fat suit” for Netflix movie

Recently, the Netflix released the first trailer for the musical Matilda, one of the most anticipated premieres of 2022. The film adaptation of the play features Emma Thompson as the villainous Mrs. Trunchbull. With the release of the preview, the look of the actress raised an interesting debate about the “fat costumes”.

Matilda: The Musical is a modern reinvention of the classic 1996 film. In addition to incorporating Roald Dahl’s plot, the feature includes elements of the Tim Minchin musical, which was the biggest hit in Europe in mid-2011.

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In addition to Emma Thompson as Agatha Trunchbull, Matilda has Alisha Weir in the titular role. The cast also includes Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel), Stephen Graham (Peaky Blinders) and Andrea Riseborough (Oblivion).

We explain below why Emma Thompson’s look in Matilda caused quite a stir on social media; check out.

Matilda’s Villain Characterization Causes Controversy on Netflix

To play the antagonist Agatha Trunchbull in Matilda, British actress Emma Thompson uses a “fat suit”.

This type of clothing – fat suit in its original expression – serves to modify the actors’ bodies, giving them an extra layer of “fat”, normally represented by foam. That way, thin and slender performers can play fuller characters.

The costumes in question are nothing new in Hollywood. However, in recent years, their use has caused great controversy.

“Do we really need one more skinny actress in a fat outfit?” asked an editorial in the British newspaper. Subway.

This issue is at the heart of the controversy. After all, why do movie studios and streaming platforms prefer to put skinny actors in fat suits than hire performers who match the characters’ body description?

“Seeing skinny actresses in fat outfits hurts. It’s an act of fatphobia, which shows that plus-size women need to work much harder to be recognized.”

The debate also relates to the few opportunities that fat actors get in Hollywood.

“Ignoring the talent of countless actors in the plus-size community to favor thinner people is truly degrading,” the article concluded.

In the original film Matilda, released in 1996, the villain Agatha Trunchbull was played by Pam Ferris. The actress did not use a fat costume to characterize herself as the iconic character.

Other netizens, however, disagreed with the controversy. For them, choosing Emma Thompson was a great decision.

“I even agree with the sentiment of this article. However, Trunchbull is the worst example to prove this point. She is not plus-size, but an Olympic sportswoman. She’s big, not fat,” one Twitter user commented.

Even so, the opinion of the Metro article was echoed by the comments of numerous people.

“Fat actresses exist, and they want to work,” commented a netizen in the original post.

Matilda: The Musical premieres on Netflix in December 2022. Watch the trailer below.

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