Mathura Murder Case: Girlfriend Shot Dead in mathura, up


  • Was troubled by the demand of money and jewelry of married girlfriend
  • Distraught, the lover shot and killed the girlfriend
  • Police revealed the murder of the woman three days ago

In the case of the dead body of a woman found in the fields 3 days ago in Jamalpur village of Thana Farah area, the police has disclosed the incident. Police claim that the lover, who was troubled by the demand for money and ornaments, shot dead his married girlfriend and fled. The police arrested the lover accused of murder and recovered the pistol used in the murder from his possession.

According to the information, the woman had come to her elder sister’s in-laws to get ear medicine. On September 9, the body of the woman was found lying in the fields. Police inspected the spot and got the body post-mortem conducted. Disclosing the case of the woman’s murder on Saturday, SSP Dr. Gaurav Grover said that on September 8, Neeraj had come to his sister’s place. The next day his body was found lying in the fields. He said that during the inspection of the spot, the woman’s mobile phone was found missing. During investigation, it was found that the woman was having an affair with a young man.

When the police took Ranjit into custody and interrogated him, the whole truth came to the fore. The accused told that he was having an affair with Neeraj for about 5 years. The lover accused of murder told the police that Neeraj used to demand money and ornaments from him, in order to fulfill them, he also got a lot of debt. The police have recovered the woman’s mobile phone, a pistol used in the murder, a blank cartridge and a bike from the accused.

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