Matheus Costa on being Cauã Reymond’s brother-in-law: "I found out much later"

Matheus Costa, 23 years old, revealed that it took her to discover that Cauã Reymond was his brother-in-law, brother of his girlfriend, Lara Rhodes. Keeping the relationship of almost four years discreet, he says that he didn’t know about Lara and Cauã’s kinship when he met her.

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In an interview with Quem, the actor commented on his relationship: “We met at film school. In the beginning we didn’t talk much, no. Each one stayed at his own place, we had different groups of friends and we didn’t cross paths so much.”

“We did our first college project together and then we only spoke again in the fifth period, when we had more friends in common and started to do more work. We had many interests in common and the desire to stay together became stronger. We are. a lot of partners,” he said, who had no idea who his brother-in-law was when he met Lara.

“When I met Lara I didn’t even know they were brothers. I had no idea. Nobody was talking about these things during college and she didn’t talk either. I found out a long time later. Our relationship is super normal. He as Lara’s brother, wants to see his sister happy.”

“Due to the rush of work, his and mine, we don’t meet so often, but we get along really well,” finished Matheus.

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