Mateus Verdelho reacts to the comment that he would be "very cute" for Shantal: "Unhappy message"

Mateus Verdelho made a point of commenting on the comment that his wife, Shantal, received on social media, stating that he would be “too handsome” for her.

Through his Instagram account, the model countered the argument and praised his wife, with whom he has two children. “On the subject of ‘beauty’. Well, first, what an unfortunate message this person sent to Shantal, unnecessary anyway,” he began.

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And second, I find Shantal to be a beautiful, sexy, attractive, loving, partner, loyal, correct, determined, intelligent, hardworking, very strong woman and, finally, an excellent mother. But I think everyone has heard the phrase ‘beauty doesn’t come on the table’.

“Nowadays it’s very difficult to believe in love, most of it is based on images, poor things… I’m sorry… I also know that nowadays finding a true and loyal partner is much more difficult than winning in Mega-Sena”, he then highlighted.

Finally, he sent a direct message: “But, now, if you haven’t been able to find the ‘pot lid’ yet, don’t try to uncapping other people’s pots. This is ugly, if you don’t know it’s called envy. I hope you do. have an excellent 2022 and that you win at Mega-Sena, because your ‘pan lid’ by the way, will be a little harder to find”.

In another Stories, he published a photo with Shantal and assured: “Sometimes bullshit happens, normal. Not everything is perfect.” The couple has been together since 2017 and they had children Felippo, 2 years old, and Dominica, born in September of last year – the childbirth is involved in a scandal, where Shantal accuses the doctor of obstetric violence.

Comments by Mateus Verdelho on Stories – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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A digital influencer Shantal Verdelho used Stories from her Instagram this Friday (07/01) to rebut a comment made by a follower who said that Mateus Verdelho, her husband, was too handsome to be married to her.

It all happened after Shantal showed her a screenshot of a message she received from one of her followers, which said, “Are you aware that your husband is too handsome for you? I don’t know, I imagine you must be insecure, but don’t be. The important thing is what you have inside”.

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Shantal then commented that her union with the model is not just about physical appearance, but love, loyalty, partnership and commitment.

Poor from relationships based only on physical beauty. Thanks to God, life brought me a beautiful husband, even a Greek God, but a guy of character and intelligent, as he entered a relationship for several reasons other than physical beauty, because physical beauty dies with time. When you only have beauty to offer, the chance of being changed frequently is high. We have a relationship based on love, complicity, loyalty, partnership and commitment.

Then, the influencer talked about what a relationship needs to be lasting. “Without admiration for your partner, the relationship doesn’t go forward. It will, but it won’t last. If I marry someone because the person is beautiful, there comes a time when we get used to the beauty of the other, and we stop looking and having that impact”.

“This is a fact, this is proven. We get used to both beauty and ugliness. Your relationship is very fragile, because there will always be someone you’ll start to find beautiful, and the person who’s yours. You’re already used to beauty, so you’ll always want to change or you’ll always be changed if that’s what your relationship is based on,” he said.

Finally, he taught: “The important thing is to try to relate and make relationship pacts with people who give you more than just beauty or just horny. With people who have this solid base history, which is companionship, which is admiration, which is love, which is respect”.

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