Masters of the Universe: We Explain the End of Part 2 on Netflix

Part 2 of Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia took the heroes and villains of the He-Man plot in fascinating new directions. The outcome of the animation has incredible surprises, and has everything to please even the most demanding fans. But what does the final battle mean to He-Man, Teela and the rest of Eternia? The Looper website explained everything you need to know about completion; check it out below.

When the Skeleton finally wields the Sword of Power, Prince Adam sees only one solution. The character screams “By the powers of Grayskull”, but without the Sword, ends up becoming the Wild He-Man, a hero with all the brute strength of He-Man, but without any intelligence – basically a blond Hulk.

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Fortunately, the hero awakens from the primal trance upon hearing the words of King Randor, his father. Skeleton, in turn, transforms Evil-Lyn into the new Sorceress – which the character doesn’t like at all.

Even offering the villain access to an entire universe, Skeleton dislikes Evil-lyn by using her as a tool, not an ally. The situation becomes even more tense when the antagonist calls the character a “street rat”.

The Battle of Masters of the Universe

Evil-lyn seduces Skeleton to steal the Sword of Power and become an ethereal and omniscient warrior. However, the character is forced to see the entire universe at once, and with that, decides to destroy all living beings.

Then, in a major twist, Skeleton surrenders to Eternia’s forces and offers to ally himself with Prince Adam and stop the sorceress’s plans.

Unfortunately, not even the union of hero and villain is able to end Lyn’s plans – who transforms all of Subternia’s dead into his new army, led by Scareglow.

A great battle between good and evil begins, and meanwhile, Adam and Skeleton try to distract Evil-Lyn and steal the Sword of Power.

Teela, for her part, is reluctant to embrace her own magical abilities. The character overcomes all fears, and by talking to the ghost of the ancient Witch, he is able to control his powers. For that, she counts on the help of her strong connection with friends.

The character starts a great battle with Lyn, and surprisingly, manages to convince the villain to give up her plans of destruction, claiming that the universe is made of “beauty, love and life”.

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The He-Man series finale on Netflix

As the two witches talk about the fate of the Universe, He-Man and Skeleton resume their old rivalry. Skeleton claims that his greatest wish is “to be trapped in an eternal battle with the great enemy”, but He-Man replies that “it doesn’t matter”.

In other words, the character implies that his fight with Skeleton means nothing compared to the grand scheme of the universe. The hero then hurls the villain towards the outer limits of space.

Evil-Lyn has a relatively happy ending. The character goes into exile in a peaceful place surrounded by the beauty of life and nature.

An intriguing final scene shows Skeleton re-encountering his former minions, who now worship an artificial intelligence called the Motherboard. This evil new entity transforms into a giant winged robot and sets its claws on the original villain, infecting him with a technological virus.

Skeleton does not die with the introduction of the virus, which indicates that the character will return with new powers next season.

Finally, the robot displays the holographic symbol of Hordak, the Skeleton’s former mentor. It seems that Eternia has caught the attention of a new – and powerful – enemy.

All of these questions should be addressed in Masters of the Universe Part 3, which doesn’t yet have a Netflix release date.

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