“MasterChef Junior”: why Chef Herrera will not be in the new season

Since it came to the screens of TV Azteca in April 2016, “MasterChef Junior“It became one of the preferred television formats of the public, which is already looking forward to the arrival of a new season; However, one piece of news surprised everyone: the famous Chef Herrera will no longer continue in the gastronomic television program of Mexico.

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The announcement was made by Adrián Herrera Díaz himself on his social networks, who announced that he would no longer be part of the next edition, for which he thanked his followers and the program’s technical team, to which he belonged about six years ago. years.

MasterChef it is an important part of my story and that does not fade “The gastronomy expert wrote on his Instagram account, where he uploaded two black and white images symbolizing that he had finished his stage in that space.

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The gastronomic expert is very upset by the way he found out about his departure from “MasterChef Junior” (Photo: Chef Herrera / Instagram)


We learned the news of Chef Herrera’s departure through his social networks. “I tell you something that has surprised me: I find out, through the media, and not through the corresponding channels of the television station, that I will no longer participate in this edition of MasterChef Junior. I was not given a reason why this either “, he pointed out very annoyed.

He continued: “Inconceivable that after nine seasons and almost six years of being part of this project, they have not taken the courtesy of notifying me personally. A) Yes [son] things. I guess this is due to decisions made by Talent managers. The truth is a pity, because I would have liked to find out through them, but that did not happen “.

With said statement, the gastronomic expert says that not even he himself knows the reason why they decided to take it out, but respect the decision, even if not how they did it. Meanwhile, TV Azteca has not referred to the reasons for his departure either.

The former judge of "MasterChef Junior" pointed out that belonging to the program was a great experience (Photo: Chef Herrera / Instagram)
The former judge of “MasterChef Junior” pointed out that belonging to the program was a great experience (Photo: Chef Herrera / Instagram)


Although, in the images that Chef Herrera uploaded, together with his statement, at first one can see a broken piñata in the shape of a kitchen timer that bore the emblem of the program, in the other it shows the tattoo that was made with said design.

“Look, we are all running out of time, for some reason or another, and many times without it. Now it was my turn. But the time comes for all of us, sooner or later. That is sure. MasterChef is an important part of my history and that does not go away “, public.

At another time, he indicated that he will continue with his restaurant and other personal projects such as “MasterChef Latinos”, which is broadcast in the United States.

The image of a broken piñata with the "MasterChef Junior" logo (Photo: Chef Herrera / Instagram)
The image of a broken piñata with the “MasterChef Junior” logo (Photo: Chef Herrera / Instagram)


Chef Herrera had already been participating as a judge of the adult version of “MasterChef México” when Betty Vázquez, along with his teammates Benito Molina, was called to be part of “MasterChef Junior”, a program to which he belonged since the first season.

It was thus that Adrián Herrera Díaz became one of the main characters of the gastronomic television program of Mexico, which now distressed the audience with his departure. As it is remembered, Benito Molina left the program during the “MasterChef México 2020” edition, after him the host Anette Michel came out and now he is leaving.

So far, only Chef Betty remains at the helm of the program, who must keep the public hooked with the chocolatier José Ramón Castillo.

The gastronomic specialist tattooed the Master Chef logo to show that it meant something very important in his life (Photo: Chef Herrera / Instagram)
The gastronomic specialist tattooed the Master Chef logo to show that it meant something very important in his life (Photo: Chef Herrera / Instagram)


Before the departure of Chef Herrera, the followers of the successful gastronomic program speculate that his replacement would be Chef Benito Molina.

So far neither TV Azteca nor the production of “MasterChef Junior” nor Chef Benito have commented on the matter.

Those who are fans of the program remember that Chef Benito Molina was one of the most controversial characters who knew how to win the respect of viewers.

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